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Hand made gifts,and a personal touch!

Posted by Sabrina Tart on October 22, 2016 at 6:40 AM
We have been so busy the few years! Three years ago we opened a store front with several local Artians that all specialized in different hand made item and customers Love it !  There is a big movement to stop shopping at big box stores and shop local hand made items. Everything from hand made soap to jewelry. Hand made gifts are so much more personal and made with love. The quality of the items is often 10 times better than factory made too!.  
After running the store for  3 years and moving from our small little start up store, into a larger store with 40 vendors and a year later a even larger location with 70 vendors we decided to bring it back home and do a web based only store. Unfortunately the overhead cost of a big store was just too much. Customrs love the  store but  the expense of a large building with rent and utilities was forcing us to up prices just to cover cost. That was unfair to vendors and customers so going back home and selling online to bring cost back to where we wanted for customers is the best options, Now we offer the same great hand made item online shipped right to your door !
We help local small business  share there craft with many more people  across the country as well as are local customers with  little to no over head cost to give customers a better price on great one of  a kind and uniqe gifts.
We are proud to connect you to  artist that make personaized items  and gifts that you can be proud to give, Each items is made by hand with love and persoanl details, From hand made persona l jewelry, soaps, crochect items, wood work and more. Check out our vendor pages and see what great items you can find  inside The Village Gift Box!


Hand stamping the day away!

Posted by Sabrina Tart on June 18, 2013 at 10:30 PM

 We are realy enjoying the new hand stamped item, so much fun to work with!. ( at least most of the time )  We have now opened a location at  the state flea market in Raleigh, we will be set up  with a booth at the state fair grounds Raleigh flea market  most Saturday, as long as the weather allows.  We will have our full line of charms and beads available and will be set up to fill custom handstamped charm orders on site.

Everyone is loving the hand stamped custom items, and being able to order and have it made while they shop is a plus!  No one  wants to order something and wait 2 or 3 weeks to see it. Now they can see it completed and take it home in 30 mins or less! We have at least one artison set up to stamp evey Sat. and will have 2  on most days, Sundays will be at least 2 times  a month, possible more, depending on demand,and how we can rotate the set up schedule so we can make church  at home, but they do have a church service at the market on Sunday mornngs for the vendors to attend and hear broadcast  while setting up for the day.

 It is such a great place to meet new customers, and nice to have a place for customers to come to shop. We will still be covering local events around the area as well. That is what is so great about having a team to work with to spread these great products

Hope everyone is having a great summer so far! 8)

Is it safe to have tooth whitening done by someone that is not a trained dental professional,? Warning!

Posted by Sabrina Tart on April 16, 2013 at 10:50 PM

As a certified dental asst with 25 + years of experience , I have to say for all my friends, I have seen some of these mall and flee markets,and spa's doing tooth whitening or bleach, and would warn everyone to please not jump and do treatment on your teeth just because it is cheaper. The people doing these treatment for the most part have NO DENTAL training at all, . The ones I have seen and tal...ked too were trained on the job and have no ideal if they are damaging your teeth and gum. There are many cases of damage and law suite from this type of treatment. 1st if not done properlly your gums can be burned by the chemicals and the lights that are used. 2nd, and most important and irriversable damage, ( unless corrected by hundered of $$$ of dental treatment ) you may end up with spots on your teeth. If you have composite or white tooth colored fillings in your teeth , they WILL NOT lighting in color, the stain on them can be removed but the color will not change. if you bleach the enamal you will be left with dark spots from the filling and they have to be removed and replaced by a dentist. If you know you have filling in your front teeth consult your dentist before trying to bleach your teeth. Also if you have cavities,(decay) it can lead to pain from the damage to the exposed dentin . Most of us would love a nice white smile but pleace do it the save way , If you are looking for a cheaper way to lighten , try a over they counter product. They will not lighten as much so if you have fillings in the front teeth the color differenct will not be as noticeable. Also the best ones I have seen are less than $10. As a experment for school my daughter used a office RX bleach and and over the counter compatable bleasch gel that was less than $10 and comes in a tub like the dental office. It is the same just not as strong. Used by the same dental instruction for 1hr a day, with a sports gard tray for no more than 2 weeks, the results where very similar, on extracted stained teeth. I have had pt that tried it to bright up for a special event, wedding and worked great to remove those tea stains with no damage. Allso it is not legal for anyone other that train dental professial to remove stains / whiten teeth, and it presently in the courts to try and stop this practice. . My advice see your dds, or try a even cheaper less invasive product, and keep in mind all whitening treatments can make your teeth very cold sensitive for a short time. If you have a question feel free to ask! :)

Hand stamped custom charms are here!

Posted by Sabrina Tart on January 14, 2013 at 12:15 AM

We are so happy to announce that we will be carring a new line of custom designed hand stamped charms.for necklaces and to fit your pandora style bracelets! Each charm is custom made buy hand and can be made for any occasion, for mom to be ,grandmothers, aunts, bride to be, bridesmaids gifts, mother of the bride, in memory of a loved one , or your little angle in heaven. You name it we can make a charm for you ! They are a great way to save your memories with a charm custom designed just for you  from  Designs by Brook. We will post photos of sample designs  and options soon , If you have something you would like a special charm for message us for details.

New reps on our company team!

Posted by Sabrina Tart on January 7, 2013 at 11:10 PM

I am sorry but i have not had time to post any updates in a few weeks, we have been so busy with Christmas and ordering new items, trying to get ready for the new year. We are pleased to anounce that we have added more ladies to our sales team! We now have 2 more reps in NC ,1 in Virginia and 1 in Louisiana . These ladies are working hard to get stocked and ready to provide you with local services for home parties, vendor events at locations near you and more! We are still looking to add more people to the team so we can provide more locations with the great service you have come to expect and now a local representive for even faster service. If you or someone you know would like to get started with there own charming dream send us a message, you will be surprised at how easy it is to get started. I hope to have each team member give us a little more information about where they are from very soon. I hope everyone is off to a great start this year!

Possible expansion!

Posted by Sabrina Tart on December 11, 2012 at 10:35 PM

I am thinking of adding some sales team members to my company to help spread the brand out to different parts of the state or other states next year. With it being just me I can only do so many shows. I am just a little unsure of how well that would go . Basicly thinking that I would just be their supplier to get a better price for everyone, ( the more I order the better price I can get )and help...them to start selling and would only want 1 person in any area so that there would not be tons of competion, and they could just use my web site for there customers, I would provide email , and credit card processing help but they would collect on all their sales just pay the cost of there supplies they sale .Basically help them start their on business with our company. No recuting, just selling at home parties and vendor events in other areas. I have seen a few people out selling at events but no one that has our quality at this price, usually cheaper, silver plated items ,like we sell for $1 to $2 . It would require a little startup cost for invetory unless you just want to take orders but cash and carry does better. Any thoughts. If you love charming and would like to start your own home business and are willing to do the work to get started and help us spread the brand and make some money too message me . I would only add a select few and no more that 1 in a given area, and would only be able to train one or two at first. If you would like more information message me at [email protected], or here on the page.

Why do my charms fall off my Pandora?

Posted by Sabrina Tart on December 3, 2012 at 8:00 PM

I get the question all the time, "Why do my charms, keep falling off my bracelet?", Well there are 2 reason for that,. First you need to understand that charms come in 2 styles of core types, ( the core is the middle of the charm that the chain goes thru. ) The first is a plain smooth core inside, the slide on very easily to most chains. . The second, is a threaded core, that mean that the inside is turned and threaded like a screw and the bead has to be twisted and threaded on to the chain if he end of the chain have threaded area like Pandora chains, .They are made that way as a safey feature. Beads and Charms with a threaded core do not fall off as easily and those with plain core.but they can still fall off. If your bracelet has the threaded end, the first thing to do to prevent your items from falling off is to make sure that the last bead on is a threaded core charm or bead. Also it is recomended that you use a saftey end clip, If your chain does not have threaded end the only way to keep things on is to use a end clip , even the threaded core beads will easliy fall off of this type of chain,

Clips are made with a smaller hole so that is fits tight against the chain and will not slip off. They have a hinged sild and an closer side, open the clip place it on as the last charm on the bracelet or on either side of other charms ot keep them in place in the middle of the chain it you like.Just open the clip place it around the chain and snap it shut, When you need ot add more charm, open it remove and add you item then place it back on the end.

Clips are the best way to keep you charms and beads in place, that is what they are made for! If you don't have one but have a screw core bead use that until you can get a clip. Screw core beads also run a little higher in price that staight solid cores, If you don't have a clip get one to protect your investments. Then you can take off your bracelet without the worry of them falling to the floor.

Unlike most companies that make you buy a clip for $35 after you just purchased a bracelet ( some try to sell your more) at S&K we belive that the standard for every bracelet should be a clip for safety at the end to protect your items. We don't make you buy a bracelet and then buy a clip to protect you charms. Every starter bracelet we sell comes with 1 clip for the end . We want to make sure your items stay on you bracelet, that is our gift to you ,

If you have a bracelet and don't have a clip , check out our line of clips, all selling for $15 thats half of what other companies charge and protect your memories from being lost!


Should you start a home based or mom owned bussiness?

Posted by Sabrina Tart on November 25, 2012 at 11:35 PM


I get the question all the time from people I meet at event and customer, women from my online business group. Would I recommend starting a home based business? Well I would but you must be ready to put in the work to make is grow, if not you are throwing money in the wind to watch is fall. I started my company 2 years ago and I enjoy what I do, but it has been a long time and a lot of work to really finally see it start to grow.

Years ago when I was a child and teenager, I remember moms staying at home and selling Avon ,Watkins ,Staley products or running a hair salon, attached to or beside their home. That what my mom, grandmother and aunt all did. My neighbor sold Stanley and grandma ran a solon next to her house and sold Watkins in there too! And several ladies sold Avon; you could always find an Avon book to look at. Boy did I love foxfire perfume! Back then everyone made their own clothes because it was cheaper. Then all the clothing started being made in Japan, and they could be bought cheaper that you could buy material and put your time into making them. Times change women went to work away from home, and home based business, started failing away, no one had time to put into them while working outside of the home. Yes some of the well knows companies managed to stay around with a small base home based sellers. Then a few new companies popped up here and there ,some faded out and other have lasted, but none really had as many representatives as in years past, but them the ones that stuck with it had more customers because there were fewer representatives to buy from.

I have noticed a large increase in home based mom owned business in the last few years especially the last several months. With the fall in the economy, so many people losing their jobs, more women than ever are working from home running a home based business and working a full time job. Companies like Thirty-one, Watkins ,Avon, Initials inc. ,Sentzy and many more in a long list are growing at a extremely fast pace. If you get in early when they first hit your area you can do very well ,but after awhile the area becomes a little saturated and sales may fall off quite a bit.. But most of these companies are developing a large fan base and with adding new product lines seem to be doing well.


If you are considering starting a business, there are several things to consider, First ,choose something that you love , If you don't really like jewelry or wear it then you should not sell it , or if you are not into purses, same thing, If it is not a product you would buy or really like enough to be passionate about it ,you probably want really have your heart into selling it and it will show ,therefore you really want enjoy what you are doing . People are more likely to buy from you if they feel that you are confident in your products and love what you do.

Second, is there a need or demand for the product? For instants, If you know 20 Thirty-one reps that live within 15 min of you, I would not suggest signing up to be a rep, too much competition. Maybe chose a different purse company that does not have many reps in your area. Or chose something unique, that you love and other will love that no one is selling, if you are a crafter and make new or unique items for fun that may be your calling, start a business with something no one in your area is selling.

Check back again tomorrow for more tips, leave us your question about ideal, web stores, facebook, marketing anything you want help with to start your own business. We will be posting more helpful hints and suggetions to help you change your life with your  business!

Cyber Monday sales!

Posted by Sabrina Tart on November 24, 2012 at 10:05 PM

Hope everyone is having a great weekend, We have been doing some great black friday sales ,now the cyber Monday sale is on, check out all the great sales going on now, and watch us on fb for the special flash sales only posted on fb.



Give away time!

Posted by Sabrina Tart on November 20, 2012 at 9:45 PM

 We are excited to be giving away a $80 starter box special, this week,!  And as a extra bonus to celebrate reaching 1700 fans on our facebook page!  Everyone loves european and Pandora beads, so the page is doing great, such a great  feeling to get feed back from fans about purchase! Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! Dont for get to check out the Black friday sales on the great beads and charms to fit your Pandora or european bracelet !



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