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Carring for your new charm bracelet::

Posted by Sabrina Tart on December 31, 2011 at 2:50 PM

 I have been asked many times about how to care for pandora bracelets  so here it goes, 

As with any fine jewlery you have to take care and not wear it in pools or spas, keep it away from water with chemicals, Soaps and chemicals from pools and spas can damage the finish, Most silver jewlery is treated with a special coating to help protect the finish the chemicals remove the finish and cause items to turn or tarnish more easliy. All silver jewlery will tarnish at some point and needs to be cleaned, Do not use silver cleaners or polishes on your bracelet as it will also remove the finish coating.  To clean use a silver polishing cloth, these can be purchased at  jewlery stores or Wal-mart  sells them over by the jewlery counter for about $4 or $5 . and they can be used many times. These clothes are treaded with a special polishing agent to replinish the coating and protect your silver items.Just rub your bracelet and charms with the cloth and brighen the items back to the originals shine. Also I suggest that you don't wear your pandora or any other jewlery in the shower for 2 reasons. 1 : It can harm the finish and 2: You just might loose some charms. I had a girl tell me she was wearing her pandora bracelet that had several of the silver and gold raised letter initals on it and it fell off! ! Since she did not have a stopper clip at the end she lost all of them down the drain! A very costly lesson, because she was not able to recover them. That's my hint of the day!


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