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Black Friday Sales Starting Early!

Posted by Sabrina Tart on November 19, 2012 at 1:30 AM

Well it is that time of year again , time for turkey and Thanksgiving day with family and friends an then the Christmas madness of shopping, Everyone heads out to hit the sales  on Thanksgiving night. I personaly have not done that , I just don't like to stand in line waiting for a sale to start, so I can get run over trying to get in the door. I preferr to wait  a little latter in the day  after it slows down or even a few days for them to restock, I have even found better deals a little closer to Christmas.I also enjoy shopping online then I can stay at home and avoid all the lines and get the same deal! This year we have decieded to start our sale early so you don't have to wait for friday to get the best deal, and no standing in line, We are offering the best price of the year right now, You want find a better deal on silver pandora type charms! We have over 300 styles of european charms to fit Pandora , Chamilla, and like bracelet  as well as bracelet, necklaces , rings and earrings, so check out the sales today!

Black Friday Sale starts today! (1) Buy the $80 take 10 special box and recieve a $35 starter bracelet for free! (2) Buy one get one free on all silver charms, (3) buy a $20 earring box special and get a second for 1/2 price. and (4) buy a $45 starter bracelet and get a second for $20 ! Sale ends at midnight Friday the 23rd. You may order buy messaging me here on our page or visit the web site and look under black friday specials.!

It's Thanksgiving already?

Posted by Sabrina Tart on November 4, 2012 at 10:45 PM

I can't belive I have been so busy that I did not post at all in Oct.. and now it is Nov.! We have had so many events in the last few weeks I just have not had time to get much done. So far all events have gone well and made a lot of new customers. The busy season for Christmas shopping is here and things are realy picking up with events evey saturday until christmas, and some fridays.I just placed the last orders for the year, hope we will have enough stock to last untill the 1st of the year, but with so many events coming up we may run out of some items. :(  If there is something special you are looking please message us and we will do our best to get it for you if it is available. .

Now that is is so close to Thanksgiving I am starting to feel like putting up the trees! Yes  I  did say trees we put up 5 or 6 most years, one in every room . Each tree has a theme, the kitchen is a cooking them with candy and cooking santa's and a Pepperment Angle on top. The living room is a cowboy theme, with western  items and a few farious things the kids have made , My daughter has a ballet theme, and my son has a sports one! This years since I am home more I am ready to get started and get in the spirt!  I may even have a party ! 

I hope that everyone had a happy holloween, and wish all our friend that were affected by the storm well, there are still many with out power, our prays are going up for them all.

Holiday shopping has begun!

Posted by Sabrina Tart on September 27, 2012 at 9:00 AM

Well it is that time of year again and the Christmas shopping shows have started up . We have several events over the nexted couple of months 7 dates in October alone. Lots of new stock coming in just for the holidays in the next week or so. Also to make shopping for that special person  a little easier we have added a lay-away option to our store, You can put you items on lay-away and take up to 3 months to pay them off and have them shipped. It also works great if you have been wanting something for yourself and just hated to spend the money , now you can pay for it a little at the time.

This year get out and support your local small business community, It helps all the local shops and business in your area and you can find some realy great and uniqe items not sold in big retail chain store. I have found several local crafters in my area that I plan to support, I love country girl hand made soaps and lotions, also lots of wreath makers, and wooden crafters an direct sales reps with great items. I have one friend that specialzes in photo art items, I had her make some lighted glass blocks with photos of the church my husbands family helped found,.We used pictures of the old original building and the newer building that was being torn down due to some issue with the building that were to costly to repair and a bigger building is now going up to replace it. Now we will have a 3 piece set  after the last one is done, What a great way to display a memory! You can't find something like that at a department store. So get out and find those local uniqe crafters and show some support ! You will be glad you did.

Have a great week everyone! :D

New beads on the way!

Posted by Sabrina Tart on September 20, 2012 at 12:00 AM

 We are placing a new order for more glass beads this week, they should arrive in time for Oct events! I can't wait to see them ,they look so good in pictures and are always better in person. I am trying hard to get a larger selection in for the Christmas shopping season. Now is a great time to get your orders in , we will be having lots of specials coming up. Starting Oct 1st,. We will be offering a new special this Christmas,a 10 piece starter set in a christmas tree gift box !  A great deal to get the perfect starter bracelet for someone special at a great price. You pick out  the 5 glass beads of your choice or color and 4 silver charms, a end clip, and we give you a free bracelet to completed the set! Thats a $100 vaule at S&K wich would cost more like $250 at Belks and lets not even talk about the cost of other major brands! All for a special price of $75. , That is a whole complete bracelet in all 925 silver for a price you can't beat!  I soon as I can get some pictures of a boxed set I will be posting, I just got the gift boxes in today, It would make a great gift for all the kids to give that special mom on the list! ( hint ,hint) Hope everyone is having a great week! :)

Full time charmer

Posted by Sabrina Tart on August 28, 2012 at 7:30 PM

Well it has been awhile since I posted but , starting next week I will be working from home and running my charm buisness full time!. I have several local events planned already on Saturdays, from now until Dec, with more on the way. I am looking forward to being able to spend more time at home with the kids and working on my buisness and new items for the web store. With school starting backup and glad that I can be home more to  get things done during the day and be able to do all the mom things like football practice, dance ,homework(not so much ) and not be so rushed in the afternoon. Hope everyone is enjoying the last  weekend of the very short summer ! 8)

How do I put new charms on my charm bracelet?

Posted by Sabrina Tart on August 10, 2012 at 10:20 PM

At almost every event I go to someone ask me how do they add new charms to their  bracelet, or is afraid to buy because they don't have it with them so that we can add it for them, Adding charms to your bracelet is a very simply thing to do. Some people are afraid and feel that they just have to let the jewlery store do it for them but it is as simple as 1,2,3,.

Step 1 : If you have a end safety clip ( and you should to keep your charms from falling off and getting lost) You just simply unsnap the clip, and remove it then you can add your new charm . All clips have a slot on one side that the opening side and the other is the hing side, Just take your nail and push down inward at the slot on the open side to undoe the clip.

Step 2:  Next you need to decide where you want to place your new charm, if you just want to had it to the end, remove the clip slip on the new charm, If you want it in another location you will need to remove the other charms and beads , add the new and replace the others. The main question to answer is do the other charms and beads have screw or thread cores or not. If the beads and charms are plain smooth cores it is a simple as just slipping them off. If the cores are threaded the the beads and charm must be turned to twist them over the safety thread areas on the bracelet if your bracelet has them . Threaded cores are simply turned like twisting a bottle cap on a drink , It should be a tight fit and you must get them started turning but this is a safety feature to help keep them on the chain and prevent them falling off  and getting lost. .If for some reason a new charm or bead does not screw easly then back it offf and try again , if you still have problems then I would take it in to have the charm checked. Sometime a flaw my accure with the inner thread that prevents proper threading.


Step 3: replace the clip , making sure that it snaps shut  to hold everything on


That's it , realy don't be afraid to try , once you do you will  wonder what you were afraid of  !  :D8)

Changes on the way!

Posted by Sabrina Tart on July 20, 2012 at 11:15 AM

 After almost 25 years of working in the Dental field as a certified dental assitant and office manager, I will now possible be out of the dental office . The office I have worked at for the past 5 years is closing due to the Doctor 's early retirment for medical reason. We have been trying to sale the office for the past year and but have been unable to . We just could not find a dentist that wants to move to a small town and a small office, so we are closing up everyone must find a new dentist. A few years ago I could have found a new job with another office in a few days or weeks, now dental jobs are very hard to find all over the country . Before there were only a few schools for assitants and hygienist and now too many have been opened and the job market flooded with new grads , no jobs available, some new grads have gone for a year or more without a job and the salary has dropped. Someone like me with expericence has a even harder time finding work , hiring younger less expericened for less pay.So now I am faced with the fact that his early retirement, also means my early retirement. Just a little sad to see my dental carreer ending after all these years of helping so many people over come their fear of the dentist and go on to great healthy smiles.

So for now I am going to be closing up the office, and then have more time to focus on my charm busness and sale events, maybe possible teaching new students at the dental school,part time in the future,but after years of working full time I will be spending more time at home being a mom to my two kids thanks to being able to run my wonderful charming home bussiness!


Web store changes, !

Posted by Sabrina Tart on June 26, 2012 at 9:00 PM

I have been working hard to update the web site, but still have a long way to go !  We have gotten in alot of new items and  sold out of alot of old ones. Over the next several weeks we will be adding all of our available stock to the site , We do have sale events on several Sat. and will try to update availablity as fast as possible. Also I will be out of the office for the upcoming holiday of the 4th for several days nexted week as it is the only time for our family vaction , I will still be checking and answering emails but will not be able to ship out items until I return on July the 9th.

Remember from now until the 9th all orders of $25 or more will recieve the US flag bead free!

Have a great 4th everyone! 8)

Graduation Day!

Posted by Sabrina Tart on June 8, 2012 at 12:00 AM

So glad my daughter graduated 8th grade today!  It has been a long time comming, Now we can look forward to highschool (or not  I am not sure I can make it if it gets worse! lol) We have so many thing coming up over the nexted several weeks and trying to plan a vaction too!,

On a Chaming note,  another shippment of great charms just came in , sorry I have not been able to get them added to the web store yet with everything going on, I do plan to work on that tomorrow if I can and over the nexted few weeks. We have had so many events and sold so many great items that some have already sold out and I need to order more. I am trying to get my orders done so that we are ready for Christmas! I know it is hard to believe but in a few months it will be here and the closer we get the harder it is to get stuff in so I am stocking up now, If anyone has special request items, message me and I will try to get them . I do still have a few Graduation charms available but a limited # of the hats, they have been a great seller, everyone loves them.

Please keep a eye on our upcoming events, we have several dates set , so we just might show up near you!

Hope everyone has a great weekend now that summer can realy get going! 8)

Graduation on the way!

Posted by Sabrina Tart on May 16, 2012 at 10:50 PM

We have been so busy with events the last few weeks! Also getting alot of new items in for the upcoming events and the upcoming gradution gifts.  What a great gift for the new graduate a new charm bracelet  with the great graduation charms. A great gift to add to for the years to come or a nice addition for the bracelet they already have.

We are also working hard to getting ready for the opening of our new store at Sarge's flea market, They are working hard to get the location ready so we hope to have a opening day soon. I have made several orders for new charms to add to our collection, you name it we will have a charms for it! Our goal is to give our customers the largest selection to choose from around,

This past weekend we attended the OLE Timey days event in Seven springs NC. , it was such a great event ! They had lots of entertainment,  petting zoo for the kids, games  even Ms NC was there! I plan to attend again next year too!. And with it being Mothers day weekend sales were great , sold lots of mothers day gifts, and 2 orders since , so a great weekend and week.

Hope eveyone has a great week and weekend! 8)


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