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Why do my charms fall off my Pandora?

Posted by Sabrina Tart on December 3, 2012 at 8:00 PM

I get the question all the time, "Why do my charms, keep falling off my bracelet?", Well there are 2 reason for that,. First you need to understand that charms come in 2 styles of core types, ( the core is the middle of the charm that the chain goes thru. ) The first is a plain smooth core inside, the slide on very easily to most chains. . The second, is a threaded core, that mean that the inside is turned and threaded like a screw and the bead has to be twisted and threaded on to the chain if he end of the chain have threaded area like Pandora chains, .They are made that way as a safey feature. Beads and Charms with a threaded core do not fall off as easily and those with plain core.but they can still fall off. If your bracelet has the threaded end, the first thing to do to prevent your items from falling off is to make sure that the last bead on is a threaded core charm or bead. Also it is recomended that you use a saftey end clip, If your chain does not have threaded end the only way to keep things on is to use a end clip , even the threaded core beads will easliy fall off of this type of chain,

Clips are made with a smaller hole so that is fits tight against the chain and will not slip off. They have a hinged sild and an closer side, open the clip place it on as the last charm on the bracelet or on either side of other charms ot keep them in place in the middle of the chain it you like.Just open the clip place it around the chain and snap it shut, When you need ot add more charm, open it remove and add you item then place it back on the end.

Clips are the best way to keep you charms and beads in place, that is what they are made for! If you don't have one but have a screw core bead use that until you can get a clip. Screw core beads also run a little higher in price that staight solid cores, If you don't have a clip get one to protect your investments. Then you can take off your bracelet without the worry of them falling to the floor.

Unlike most companies that make you buy a clip for $35 after you just purchased a bracelet ( some try to sell your more) at S&K we belive that the standard for every bracelet should be a clip for safety at the end to protect your items. We don't make you buy a bracelet and then buy a clip to protect you charms. Every starter bracelet we sell comes with 1 clip for the end . We want to make sure your items stay on you bracelet, that is our gift to you ,

If you have a bracelet and don't have a clip , check out our line of clips, all selling for $15 thats half of what other companies charge and protect your memories from being lost!


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