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Posted by Sabrina Tart on December 11, 2012 at 10:35 PM

I am thinking of adding some sales team members to my company to help spread the brand out to different parts of the state or other states next year. With it being just me I can only do so many shows. I am just a little unsure of how well that would go . Basicly thinking that I would just be their supplier to get a better price for everyone, ( the more I order the better price I can get )and help...them to start selling and would only want 1 person in any area so that there would not be tons of competion, and they could just use my web site for there customers, I would provide email , and credit card processing help but they would collect on all their sales just pay the cost of there supplies they sale .Basically help them start their on business with our company. No recuting, just selling at home parties and vendor events in other areas. I have seen a few people out selling at events but no one that has our quality at this price, usually cheaper, silver plated items ,like we sell for $1 to $2 . It would require a little startup cost for invetory unless you just want to take orders but cash and carry does better. Any thoughts. If you love charming and would like to start your own home business and are willing to do the work to get started and help us spread the brand and make some money too message me . I would only add a select few and no more that 1 in a given area, and would only be able to train one or two at first. If you would like more information message me at [email protected], or here on the page.

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