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Is it safe to have tooth whitening done by someone that is not a trained dental professional,? Warning!

Posted by Sabrina Tart on April 16, 2013 at 10:50 PM

As a certified dental asst with 25 + years of experience , I have to say for all my friends, I have seen some of these mall and flee markets,and spa's doing tooth whitening or bleach, and would warn everyone to please not jump and do treatment on your teeth just because it is cheaper. The people doing these treatment for the most part have NO DENTAL training at all, . The ones I have seen and tal...ked too were trained on the job and have no ideal if they are damaging your teeth and gum. There are many cases of damage and law suite from this type of treatment. 1st if not done properlly your gums can be burned by the chemicals and the lights that are used. 2nd, and most important and irriversable damage, ( unless corrected by hundered of $$$ of dental treatment ) you may end up with spots on your teeth. If you have composite or white tooth colored fillings in your teeth , they WILL NOT lighting in color, the stain on them can be removed but the color will not change. if you bleach the enamal you will be left with dark spots from the filling and they have to be removed and replaced by a dentist. If you know you have filling in your front teeth consult your dentist before trying to bleach your teeth. Also if you have cavities,(decay) it can lead to pain from the damage to the exposed dentin . Most of us would love a nice white smile but pleace do it the save way , If you are looking for a cheaper way to lighten , try a over they counter product. They will not lighten as much so if you have fillings in the front teeth the color differenct will not be as noticeable. Also the best ones I have seen are less than $10. As a experment for school my daughter used a office RX bleach and and over the counter compatable bleasch gel that was less than $10 and comes in a tub like the dental office. It is the same just not as strong. Used by the same dental instruction for 1hr a day, with a sports gard tray for no more than 2 weeks, the results where very similar, on extracted stained teeth. I have had pt that tried it to bright up for a special event, wedding and worked great to remove those tea stains with no damage. Allso it is not legal for anyone other that train dental professial to remove stains / whiten teeth, and it presently in the courts to try and stop this practice. . My advice see your dds, or try a even cheaper less invasive product, and keep in mind all whitening treatments can make your teeth very cold sensitive for a short time. If you have a question feel free to ask! :)

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