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Posted by Sabrina Tart on October 22, 2016 at 6:40 AM
We have been so busy the few years! Three years ago we opened a store front with several local Artians that all specialized in different hand made item and customers Love it !  There is a big movement to stop shopping at big box stores and shop local hand made items. Everything from hand made soap to jewelry. Hand made gifts are so much more personal and made with love. The quality of the items is often 10 times better than factory made too!.  
After running the store for  3 years and moving from our small little start up store, into a larger store with 40 vendors and a year later a even larger location with 70 vendors we decided to bring it back home and do a web based only store. Unfortunately the overhead cost of a big store was just too much. Customrs love the  store but  the expense of a large building with rent and utilities was forcing us to up prices just to cover cost. That was unfair to vendors and customers so going back home and selling online to bring cost back to where we wanted for customers is the best options, Now we offer the same great hand made item online shipped right to your door !
We help local small business  share there craft with many more people  across the country as well as are local customers with  little to no over head cost to give customers a better price on great one of  a kind and uniqe gifts.
We are proud to connect you to  artist that make personaized items  and gifts that you can be proud to give, Each items is made by hand with love and persoanl details, From hand made persona l jewelry, soaps, crochect items, wood work and more. Check out our vendor pages and see what great items you can find  inside The Village Gift Box!


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