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I just received my bracelet for Christmas and love it! My husband also picked me out some

awesome beads. I was wondering about cleaning it. How would I go about this? Thank you!

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Sabrina Tart
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 You should have gotten a sample cleaning cloth under the cotton in the bottom of the box.  ( but I did  run out at one event, so you may not have). You can also purchase them at any jewelry  counter, I know walmart and target  carriy them and they are over by the register in jewlery.  Never use silver liquid cleaners or polish on it, All silver jewlery is treated with a antitarish, agent to help keep it looking good, the harsh chemical remove the protective coating , and can damage your jewlery, making it tarnish more, . All silver will tarnish some and it seem like it does it more if you are not wearing it than if you do , (not sure why that is)  To clean just give it a  rub with the silver polishing cleaning cloth , it will restore the shine and remove the dirt and oils from you skin.  the clothes are also treated with the anti-tarnish  and help recoat  the jewlery . After you use the cloth they usually start looking bad or dirty looking after awhile and you just throw it away and get a new one, You can't wash  and re use because the washer will remove the chemicals in the cloth and then it is like any other rag. Hope this helps, or you can message me at [email protected] .


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Thank you! That was a great help! :)

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